“Alan and Don have cut through theory and conjecture to communicate a real-world guide for executives to address the challenges of changing a culture head on. This is a must read for leaders who find themselves handicapped by unproductive culture.”

— Sam Reese, Chief Executive Officer, Vistage International


Unleashing Human Energy Through Culture Change: From a Toxic Culture to a High Performance Organization, by Don L. Rust, a former General Motors (GM) plant manager, and Alan G. Weinstein, an organizational psychologist, is about the transformational power of corporate culture change. It’s a clear and practical guide for managers who want to change a dysfunctional, unproductive corporate culture, no matter the size or nature of the business, into one that engages employees, motivates them to be more productive, and boosts profits. The book uses the compelling story of Don and his experiences and accomplishments at GM’s Tonawanda, N.Y engine plant to illustrate the power of culture change.

When Don arrived at the plant, it was on the brink of being shut down because of low productivity. However, by recognizing the needs of its workers and by meeting those needs through change and innovation, Don turned the plant into GM’s top performing engine plant. His accomplishment is a real life testament to what employees can achieve when they feel valued, heard, respected and trusted by management, and their productive energy is unleashed as a result. 

The changes Don made at the Tonawanda engine plant had such a profound impact that 30 years later the plant remains one of GM’s best-performing facilities.

Unleashing Human Energy Through Culture Change, is a must-read for any business that wants a competitive advantage in today’s economy.

Your culture activates your people; your people drive your success. Alan and Don use a real-world manufacturing environment to teach us how to develop and use a positive employee-focused workplace culture to unleash employees’ energy, activate their engagement, and amplify their performance. They demonstrate how caring, connection, and communication can change even the toughest workplaces into high-performing successes. This is practical wisdom that will benefit every organization and should be the focus of business leaders everywhere.
— Jay Forte, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP, Executive Coach, Author, Consultant and President of The Forte Factor